GeneFluidics, Inc. Announces Collaboration with the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

MONTEREY PARK, CA – (PRWeb) – August 8, 2005 – GeneFluidics, Inc., a point-of-care clinical diagnostic company, announced today its collaboration with the Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The collaborators will work to develop nanoparticle-based electrochemical detection tools for cancer research and diagnosis.

“The eradication of cancer will depend heavily on the disease’s early detection,” stated John Kibler, Vice President of GeneFluidics. “Our non-amplified molecular analysis system enables the detection of analytes at the ultra-low quantities present at the early stages of disease. When coupled with novel tools developed by Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, an integrated system could stimulate widespread biomarker monitoring for early cancer detection.”

“Exciting advances often appear at the border of nano and biology,” stated Chunhai Fan, Professor of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. “We aim to develop rapid, sensitive and inexpensive tools for early-stage diagnosis by combining our nanoparticle-based biosensing strategy with the fascinating electrochemical detection system of GeneFluidics.”

About GeneFluidics:

GeneFluidics is commercializing a novel molecular analysis platform that integrates bionanotechnology and microfluidics. The platform has two distinct yet synergistic components –
electrochemical detection, embodied in a multichannel reader and plastic sensor chips, and automated sample preparation, embodied in microfluidic cartridges and associated reader
fluidic controls. By integrating these components, the platform enables the rapid detection and quantification of genetic material, proteins, and small molecules in raw samples without the use of target amplification methods such as PCR.

About Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics:

The Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics’ mission is to conduct research in basic and technological sciences; to undertake nationwide integrated surveys on natural resources
and ecological environment; to provide the country with scientific data and advice for governmental decision-making, and to undertake government-assigned projects with regard to
key S&T problems in the process of social and economic development; to initiate personnel training; and to promote China’s high-tech enterprises by its active involvement in these areas.

Vincent Gau – CEO

845 Meridian Street
Irwindale, CA 91010

NOTE: Contact information on this page was updated from the original press release, which used the previous address for GeneFluidics.