GeneFluidics Inc. Proteus Robotic System Receives ALA New Product Award

GeneFLuidics CEO Vincent Gau accepting the ALA New Product Award for the Proteus Robotic System

GeneFLuidics CEO Vincent Gau accepting the ALA New Product Award for the Proteus Robotic System

MONTEREY PARK, CA – January 29, 2009 – GeneFluidics, Inc. is pleased to announce that their Proteus Robotic System has received the New Product Award from the Association for Laboratory Automation (ALA) at LabAutomation2009.

The ALA is an international organization devoted to the study, development, and use of laboratory automation. Their annual LabAutomation conference and exhibition is the largest of its kind, having attracted over 4,000 participants from around the world.

The selection process for the New Product Award consisted of two days of judging by a panel of scientific specialists. Judging criteria was based on a range of categories including impact on the field of lab automation, technical originality, market opportunity, and quality of supporting data.

Proteus’ modular design allows total configuration freedom to ensure a perfect fit for any laboratory, and can provide high sensitivity, high speed, quantitative molecular analysis with the integration of GeneFluidics’ revolutionary electrochemical sensor technology.

Proteus is a pipetting robot with a modular platform.  Various modules can be placed in the six module locations depending on the needs of the user, ranging from simple fluid handling to complete molecular analysis.  Basic modules include standard microtiter plate mounts, vortexing, heating and cooling plate mounts, reagent vial modules, disposable pipette tip racks, and the patented GeneFludics electrochemical sensor module.

“Proteus is not just a liquid handling system. We are very honored to win this award, and to prove that our product will make a significant impact in life science research, human diagnostics and laboratory automation,” said GeneFluidics founder and CEO, Vincent Gau. “We seek commercialization opportunities with strategic partners to further develop our molecular analysis platform for practical use.”

GeneFluidics’ electrochemical sensor provides scientists with high quality quantitative results of immunoassays and nucleic acid hybridization assays quickly and efficiently.  With sensitivity in the pg/ml range for immunoassays and fM for nucleic acid assays, no target amplification is needed’ no more PCR!  Results from raw specimens can take minutes, not hours or days.

About GeneFluidics

GeneFluidics was incorporated in 2000 to develop a fast, accurate, and simple testing system for improving worldwide health. By integrating novel bionano electrochemical technologies, the company’s revolutionary sensor platform enables bioassays to be performed in under an hour with sensitivity to picogram/ml concentrations for immunoassays and femtomolar concentrations for genetic assays, without the use of PCR.

For more information on GeneFluidics, contact:

Vincent Gau
845 Meridian Street, Irwindale, CA 91010
Phone: 626 263-3060

NOTE: Contact information on this page for GeneFluidics was updated from the original press release, which used the previous address and phone number for the company.