Application notes:

BsiMax® – direct whole blood to ID/AST 

UtiMax®- direct urine to ID/AST 

ProMax® – rapid AST 


Hospital acquired infection

Hospital Acquired infection
  • Still waiting for positive blood cultures to start pathogen identification or resistance profiling tests?
  • A positive blood culture takes up to 5 days
  • Traditional infectious disease diagnostics are often too slow to inform physicians
  • Prevents prescribing broad spectrum antimicrobial drugs while awaiting test results
  • Hospital acquired infections can be managed with rapid diagnostics in 3 hours

Pathogen Identification

Pathogen Identification

  • PCR-less molecular-based identification of pathogen-specific sequence
  • Directly from patient’s whole blood sample-not from positive blood cultures
  • Rapid rule-out in bacterial, viral or fungal infections
  • Capable of incorporating procalcitonin or other immunoassay in the same test

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing
  • No clinical isolate or positive blood sample needed
  • Molecular-based phenotypic test reports resistance and minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC)