GeneFluidics is selected to present at the 2015 Defense Innovation Challenge Showcase

Irwindale, CA – September 10th,2015 – GeneFluidics Inc., a biotechnology company that specializes in designing and developing diagnostic systems that incorporate electrochemical-based molecular analysis and lab automation platforms, today announced that the company has been invited to present at the 2015 Defense Innovation Challenge in Austin, Texas on “Rapid identification of an effective regimen for unknown or untreatable pathogen outbreaks.” GeneFluidics expands its technologies to address national security needs by leveraging the clinical feasibility of the current rapid PCR-less pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing directly from raw specimens.

Bacteria and viruses are a constant threat to national security and public health. Traditionally, patients are treated with existing antibiotics or drugs. However, as antibiotics/antiviral are used more frequently, bacteria/viruses mutate and become increasingly resistant to the existing drugs. Furthermore, more and more bioterrorism, emerging infections, and pandemics do not have an effective regimen and result in higher mobility and mortality rates. By utilizing a ‘synergy effect’, which combines different drugs at specific concentrations, our team is able to create a drug-cocktail within hours targeting untreatable or unknown diseases, which existing regiments fail to eradicate. GeneFluidics’ molecular analysis platform can reduce the number of experiments required to identify an effective drug cocktail regiment by incorporating the algorithm developed by Dr. Pak Kin Wong from Penn State University, who demonstrated a statistical model to identify the right combination of drugs for bacteria and virus’ in hours. Our compact lab automation system, Proteus, operates in a fully automated and enclosed environment that will significantly shorten the time and minimize the cost to optimize the recipe of the drug cocktail, and it can be mounted onto an unmanned vehicle or in a backpack. The Proteus system can be deployed into the field without human operation, and it can avoid sending healthy individuals to a highly risky area.

About GeneFluidics

GeneFluidics was incorporated in 2001 to develop a fast, accurate, and simple testing system for improving worldwide health. By integrating novel electrochemical technologies and advanced robotic automation, the company’s revolutionary molecular analysis platform enables bioassays to be performed in just fraction of conventional total assay time for immunoassays and genetic assays, without the use of purification or PCR.

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